Story Excerpts

Here are excerpts from several of my stories, including a few oldies-but-goodies:

Meal Delivery Services: You’ve Got to be Kitting Me!
Busy families, working couples, and singles who want to eat home-cooked meals but don’t have the time to plan and shop are flocking to meal and meal kit delivery services.

Tax Planning Goes on Steriods, Global Finance, June 2016:
The OECD’s “Base Erosion and Profit Shifting” principles are being incorporated into tax laws in some nations, requiring more transparency from corporate treasury departments.

The ABCs of Supply Chain Compliance: Inbound Logistics, April 2016:
While supply chain professionals have always had to understand the regulations that impacted their supply chains and required their organizations’ compliance, this role has become even more pronounced.

How 30-somethings can protect against ID theft,, November 2015:
For many people, their 30s are a fulfilling decade. They’re getting married, buying homes and starting families — all wonderful events that can catch the attention of identity thieves.

The dairy supply chain: from farm to fridge, Inbound Logistics, December 2015:
Automation not only streamlines the work, but it often allows farmers to produce more and better products, and to continually monitor the health of their herds. It also helps those products move from farms to consumers’ tables more quickly and with greater visibility.

Protecting a company from geopolitical risk, ZurichVoice, July 2015

OECD moves forward on BEPS tax avoidance project, Global Finance, January 2015:
Legal tactics to avoid taxes come under pressure.

Using retirement funds to start a business,, February 2013:
An often overlooked financing option for small business owners.

Soaring patent fees: Should CFOs object?, March 2012:
Proposals to raise patent fees actually might help companies that use the services of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

Refinancing? Should you move to a 15-year mortgage? AARPBulletin Today, June 2010:
With interest rates for 15-year mortgages at record lows, it’s not surprising that a growing number of homeowners are choosing to refinance with 15-year loans instead of the traditional 30-year.

Does Your 401(k) Need an Annuity?, June, 2009
If you’re like most workers today, you’re relying heavily on your 401(k) to help fund your retirement. That could present a problem.

How not to lose your health coverage, AARP Bulletin Today, May 20, 2009:
When Pete Daly was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 2002, he had to quit his engineering job during his treatment. He faced more than a loss of income—he lost his health insurance because, like nearly two-thirds of Americans under 65, he was enrolled in a health plan through work.

Pin the tail on the doctor, CFO, February 2007:
Consumer-driven health plans may not be the worst way to moderate escalating health-care costs, since they bring a strong measure of free-market principles to an arena largely removed from market forces.

A civics lesson on the back of a dollar bill? The Christian Science Monitor, December 16, 2003:
For the past six years, Randy Wright and his students have been on a quest to end what they see as a dismal state of ignorance about the U.S Constitution among their fellow citizens. Equally important, Mr. Wright, who teaches civics at Liberty Middle School in Ashland, Va., would like to expose America’s friends – and foes – around the world to the ideals upon which the US was founded. To reach these goals, Wright and his students have spent countless hours trying to move the Liberty Bill Act, which would place a condensed version of the Constitution on the back of the $1 bill, through the US Congress.